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  • Leedrs Onsite support
    Leedrs Onsite support
    Onsite Support
    On-site diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair
    On-site parts management
    Additional staff support at your location
    Resident Onsite engineer
  • Leedrs Hosting
    Leedrs Hosting
    Why choose hosting
    Scalable solution
    High Security
    Flexible solution
    24 hour surveillance
    Easy operation and maintenance
  • Leedrs Webdevelopment
    Leedrs Webdevelopment
    Website Development
    Eyecatching, user friendly and lead generating websites that work
    Search engine friendly strategies
    Enterprise branding and identity
    Banner/Logo design
    Traffic attracting results 
    Fully functional and error free site
  • Leedrs Helpdesk Support
    Leedrs Helpdesk Support
    LRS Help Desk Support is…
    100% Customer Service Focused .
    Fast & Reliable.
    Incident Resolution Focused.
    Currently Supporting Some of the Area's Largest Organizations.
LEEDRS (LRS) is one of Scandinavia’s leading consultancies in IT Support, Infrastructure and other operations. Since 2009, we have applied the latest advances in technology to make software development, improve “better” IT and communication significantly more effective.

  • Sit back and Relax

    Provide relief to your overworked, understaffed organizations.
  • Focus on your business

    Deal with the big picture and focus on your business, and not IT.
  • Save Money

    Follow best practices while avoiding cost surprises and risks.
  • Solution to your problem

    Contact leedrs to manage YOUR IT.

Why choose us?

Why choose us? Following are the reasons why you should
give preference to LEEDRS over others.
  •  Highly skilled &             qualified resources
  •  Range of Services
  • Price Competetive
  • Customer Service
  • Consistent in            business
  • Quality 24/7 Support

What our customers say about us

  "LRS have worked with Scandinavian Consulting Services (SCS) on and off for 4 years, providing resources to support both multi country roll outs and the on-going support of their Software applications. Over the years a strong relationship has been built and SCS recognize the quality of the resources that LRS provides. During this time LRS have always maintained a level of communication with SCS to keep us informed of the developments in all projects."                     Kari Petersen                       CEO at SCS
  "With the aggressive timescales demanded by the new route to market for RS’s property Managment in the Nordics, outside assistance was needed to set up a new infrastructure & new business processes. Having had previous experience of their teams work, LRS provided a senior architect consultant who performed everything to an exceedingly high level of competence and more. The project was successful, on time and under budget."                      Johnny Andreasen                       Site Director Nordics
  "Together with our long standing partner LRS, we have embarked upon a major project to upgrade from Inhouse IT to outsourced solution. With five separate instances of Savia International spanning from UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Nordics and Scotland. Requiring country localizations and languages, LRS has brought us the international reach and expertise that have helped to achieve a common business design on a single instance, major project planning skills, and the coordination of local implementation partners."                      Michael Scott                       Sales Director EMEA
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